Fireplace Heat Powered Fan
Fireplace Heat Powered Fan
Fireplace Heat Powered Fan
Fireplace Heat Powered Fan
Fireplace Heat Powered Fan
Fireplace Heat Powered Fan

Fireplace Heat Powered Fan

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Our Premium Fireplace Fan comes with upgraded technology, faster speed, greater air volume. The hot-powered stove fan is designed to circulate the warm air generated by the wood/coal or pellet burner. It effectively circulates warm air throughout the room. Once the stove gets hot, the fan will start moving hot air into your room.

Premium Fireplace Fan requires no electricity to operate, it uses the heat from your stove to power the fan and efficiently disperses the heat around your room. Due to its fourth blade, the stove fan has more power to disperse the heat around your room. The fan will automatically begin to spin around 60°C, the hotter the temperature of the stove the faster the fan blades will rotate. The stove fan has a working temperature between 60°C (140°F) and 350°C (662°F), if the temperature begins to exceed this, the safety device on the bottom of the fan will rise up and raise the front of the fan to protect it from high temperatures, the fan will automatically recover as the surface temperature decreases. We include a carrying handle so you can move the fan when needed. Always use gloves or tongues when the fan is hot. The stove fan costs nothing to run, simply stand it on top of your wood stove and watch it begin to disperse heat around the room! Our 4 blade model maximises airflow so the stove fan can push more hot air around the room. The stove fan operates silently and creates a quiet and comfortable environment.


More efficient wood use - Use op to 28% less wood
Heat powered stove fan - increases the efficiency of your freestanding stove oven or wood / log burner to generate warmth economically.
Additional fourth blade - more power to disperse the heat around the room
Eco-friendly and self-powered - a thermoelectric module acts as a small generator to power the fan's motor. No batteries or electricity required
Operates automatically between 60 and 300°C with self-regulating speed according to the temperature in the room. Circulates at 130 - 150 CFM


22.3cm(height) x 18cm(width) x 7.4cm(depth)
Made from Anodizing Aluminum Overall
No installation required - comes complete and ready to use.